Camp Ticket Purchase Flow

To get started, click the Red “Get Your ticket” button

On the next screen, click the blue “BUY TICKETS” button

On the next screen, enter # of tickets you are purchasing, then click green “Checkout” button:

On the next screen, fill in your billing details. You may need to scroll down to fill in all required fields.

Fill out remaining billing fields, including Credit Card information.
Read Terms and Conditions and check the box.

NOTE that screen shows tax, but does NOT add it to total, as tax is already included in the $475 price.

Click the green “Purchase” button

When your card is approved, you will see the Thank You screen.

OPTIONAL: If you choose, you can create an account (enter a password and click Save) and
 you will be able to go through a process to install a phone app.

This is not required but might be useful.

To save your ticket image, Click the green “View Tickets” button to save your ticket as a PDF file.

Your ticket can also be found in an email sent to you.

 Here is what happens if you enter a password and click blue “Save” button:

 You will see this screen:

This is the screen you will see if you click the green “View Tickets” button, to save a PDF.

This is your ticket image. Note the fine print message to ‘bring with you to the camp’.

It will also work to show us this image on your phone.